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About Eyeglasses

For patients who have refractive vision errors, such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or age-related vision loss presbyopia, getting the problem diagnosed and resolved in one place makes the process extremely convenient. The on-site optical shop at Clewner & Kelly Eye Center incorporates the latest vision technology with our own optics lab and offers a remarkable inventory of attractive and stylish frames. We want your eyeglasses to not only improve your vision but also help you feel confident in your appearance. Our highly trained staff is here to make sure you end up with the right frames or contact lenses for the proper fit and look. For more on receiving eyeglasses in Boca Raton, FL, contact our team today.

What Are the Benefits of Eyeglasses?

After your eye evaluation, we'll go over whether contacts or eyeglasses are a good option for you. For individuals who aren't quite ready for contacts or who have an eye condition that doesn't allow them to wear contacts, glasses are often a perfect option. Over the years, glasses have transformed from a necessity to an extension of one's style. Even more, they're often cheaper than contacts, easier to use, and not as fragile. Additionally, they can protect the eyes from environmental elements in a way contacts cannot.

Am I A Candidate for Eyeglasses?

After your eye exam, we'll review whether eyeglasses are an appropriate solution for you. If you do not want to use contacts or have a condition that does not qualify you for contacts, glasses may be a great option for you. Glasses have come a long way over the years and provide various advantages. Many individuals like eyeglasses because they cost less than contact lenses, they're easier to travel with, and they're not as fragile as contact lenses. They can be particularly beneficial in protecting the eyes from environmental elements, as well.

What Can I Expect During an Eyeglasses Exam?

Throughout your eyeglasses exam and consultation, our eye doctors will guide you through making the best choices for your specific requirements and lifestyle. At Clewner & Kelly Eye Center, we proudly dedicate extra time and attention to helping you find the ideal frames and lenses to match your needs and goals. Moreover, we will do our best to help you remain true to your desired budget.

For anyone who may be hesitant to use contacts or who has specific eye conditions, prescription glasses are often a perfect option. They are usually more economical than contacts, easier to travel with, and not as fragile. In addition, glasses defend the eyes from several environmental elements and will not bother dry or itchy eyes as contacts often do. However, patients may decide to use a combination of both types of prescription lenses for various activities.

Eyeglasses FAQ

Can wearing glasses make your vision worse?

There is no evidence that wearing glasses makes your vision worse, though normal aging might cause your vision to worsen over time. Corrective lenses change the way that light is refracted into your eye in order to help you see clearly. It is important for you to continue to undergo regular eye exams at Clewner & Kelly Eye Center in case your vision changes and you require a new prescription for optimal vision.

Which is better, glasses or contacts?

Both glasses and contacts can offer several advantages to your vision and lifestyle, and there is not an option that will suit every patient. When deciding between the two, it is important to consider your goals, lifestyle, and budget. Glasses are easy to wear and remove and often can offer UV protection. They also do not need to be replaced as often as contacts and are potentially a fun fashion accessory. Some patients find that a combination of eyeglasses and contacts best meets their needs.

How often should you replace your glasses?

Your vision can change over time, impacting the effectiveness of your eyeglasses. In general, eyeglasses should be updated every 1 – 3 years or as needed to accommodate changing vision needs. During your routine exams, our Boca Raton ophthalmologists can help you determine when a new prescription or eyeglasses might be needed.

Are eyeglasses covered by insurance?

If you carry vision insurance, a portion of your frames or lenses may be covered under your plan. During your visit, our knowledgeable team can help you review your policy and understand your insurance coverage. An estimate of any out-of-pocket costs for eyeglasses can also be provided to you at that time.

Dependable, Clear Vision

Sharper vision is only one appointment away. Refractive vision impairments, such as myopia, hyperopia, and age-related vision loss, can cause a lot of emotional ups and downs, but thankfully, they are all very treatable. We do not want anyone to battle for clear vision when performing their usual routines and are proud to offer eyeglasses to Boca Raton, FL patients. To schedule an eyeglasses exam with one of our ophthalmologists, please contact our office today. At Clewner & Kelly Eye Center, we are ready to help you get your best eyesight.

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