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The cornea, the clear front window of the eye, is an important element in how your eye refracts light. When scarred, clouded, or damaged, it can be a severe hindrance to your ability to see. Clewner & Kelly Eye Center is proud to offer treatments, including cornea surgery to manage diseases and conditions of the cornea. We understand that eyesight is an important asset to our Boca Raton, FL patients and want to help you get back to seeing clearly. Browse below or contact our staff today to learn more about our cornea services.

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A pterygium is a benign growth that can spread to the cornea and affect vision. Pterygium removal is effective in preventing further eye issues.

Our ophthalmologists are experienced in treating many diseases and conditions of the cornea, which is the clear, dome-shaped front window of the eye.

We perform laser corneal surgery in Boca Raton, FL, including phototherapeutic keratectomy (PTK), to treat corneal abnormalities like scarring.

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