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What Are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses can be a convenient and easy way for many patients to enjoy clearer vision. These prescriptive lenses are thin plastic disks that are worn on the surface of the eye to improve refractive errors, such as hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), and presbyopia (age-related farsightedness). At Clewner & Kelly Eye Center, our on-site optical shop offers several types of common and specialty contacts to Boca Raton, FL patients. For those who require contact lenses as soon as possible, we keep a wonderful stock of the most common diameters and prescriptions, which may allow you to receive them the day of your contacts exam. If you have been considering contact lenses, please contact our office today to arrange a consultation.

What Can I Expect During a Contact Lens Exam?

During your contacts exam, our eye doctors will help you make the most effective decision for your specific needs and goals. Our team can also help you decide whether contact lenses are the most effective way to address your vision impairment. For some individuals, contacts are the easiest option to get their sharpest vision. Some of the most common types of contacts we offer include daily wear, one-day wear, bifocal, and astigmatism contact lenses. At Clewner & Kelly Eye Center, we place extra effort and thought into making sure you get the ideal prescription and the most comfortable contact lenses and will help you stay close to your desired price point. In addition, we are pleased to provide a complete training session for the insertion and removal of contacts for any patient.

Contact Lenses FAQ

Is it better to wear contact lenses or glasses?

Contact lenses and glasses both carry their own unique benefits. Many patients choose to wear contacts because they are virtually invisible, cause no vision distortion, and are ideal for sports and physical activities. Contacts can also be colored to allow for a temporary change of eye color and appearance. While contacts can bring a level of comfort and ease to improving eyesight, a number of patients use a combination of both contact lenses and glasses to meet their vision needs.

Are contact lenses covered by insurance?

Some insurance plans may offer coverage toward the cost of contact lenses for Boca Ration patients. When you visit Clewner & Kelly Eye Center for your contacts exam and consultation, we can help you review your policy and then provide an estimate for any out-of-pocket costs.

At what age can you start wearing contacts?

Contacts require additional maintenance and good ocular hygiene practices. When determining if a younger family member is ready for contact lenses, it is important to consider their level of maturity and the quality of their personal hygiene habits. Research has proven that children as young as eight years old can successfully learn to use and care for contacts. We encourage you to discuss the decision to get contacts for younger family members with both your child and their eye doctor.

How long can you wear contacts?

There are lenses designed for continuous wear and lenses that are intended to be disposed of daily. Talk with our experienced eye doctors about which contact lens option best suits your lifestyle and budget. It is important to understand the way in which your specific contacts are intended to be worn and to follow directions and guidelines for care.

Vision Care to Meet Your Needs

Experiencing life with clearer vision can be convenient and comfortable when choosing the right lenses for your lifestyle and needs. At Clewner & Kelly Eye Center, our ophthalmologists and team proudly offer a variety of contact lens options to address a range of refractive errors. If you or your loved ones are in need of contact lenses in Boca Raton, FL, please contact our office today to schedule a contact lens exam and consultation.

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