What Are the Risks of Laser Iridotomy?

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Glaucoma is termed “the silent thief of sight” because it silently manifests and advances with no sign of its presence until it causes permanent ocular damage and possibly robs you of your eyesight. The best way to prevent vision loss is early detection, possible through scheduling routine eye exams with the board-certified ophthalmologists at Clewner & Kelly Eye Center.

We’ve helped many past patients retain their vision and gain a new outlook on life, and we’d love to help you. So act quickly before glaucoma can steal your sight, and contact us today to schedule an appointment in Boca Raton, FL.

How does a laser peripheral iridotomy treat glaucoma?

Acute angle-closure glaucoma or narrow angle-closure glaucoma are two forms of glaucoma. The angle referred to is the angle between the iris, the colored part of the eye, and the cornea, the clear protective outer portion of the eye. This juncture must be kept clear to allow fluid to flow out of the eye, but blockages sometimes occur.

And when they do, fluid builds up within. If left untreated, the intraocular pressure rises, causing damage to the delicate interior tissues and the optic nerve. This optic nerve is essential because it transmits sight signals from the eye to the brain. And any damage incurred may be irreversible, leading to permanent loss of eyesight.

Unfortunately, this situation is all too common since glaucoma is the leading cause of vision loss for individuals 60 years and older. But a laser-based peripheral iridotomy can effectively treat the problem by creating a small drainage channel on the iris, allowing the backed-up fluid to escape and relieve pressure.

The biggest danger is that glaucoma often occurs without any perceptible signs that something is amiss. As such, many patients do not even know they have glaucoma. So, it’s crucial to schedule eye exams regularly, so our expert eye doctors can offer you top-quality care in Boca Raton, FL.

What are the risks of laser peripheral iridotomy?

A laser-based peripheral iridotomy is an excellent option for patients who suffer the potentially debilitating effects of acute angle-closure glaucoma or narrow angle-closure glaucoma. You may be a good candidate for this procedure even if you have a closed-angle that does not present the traditional signs of glaucoma, such as optic nerve damage or high ocular pressure.

In these cases, an iridotomy can provide an invaluable preventive measure that may help you avoid future problems and the time, cost, and inconvenience of having to deal with a more severe issue later on.

This procedure is proven effective and generally safe, but all treatments involve some risks. However, many of the potential side effects are minor and may include sensitivity to light, redness, inflammation, or irritation of the eye, or “foreign body sensation,” or the feeling that something is stuck in your eye. Corneal swelling may also occur or bleeding at the site of the procedure.

Some patients also experience visual disturbances, including blurriness, glare, or halos. But these effects do not last long and are likely to dissipate in a day or two. There is also a chance that future changes to the eye may once again close the angle, in which case we’ll explore further management options with you.

Don’t stand idly by while glaucoma steals your sight

Glaucoma is an often underrated threat that can steal your sight without even alerting you to its presence. If left to its own devices, the harm caused cannot be reversed. Yet there are plenty of effective and efficient treatment options to help protect your sight and overall eye health.

And the potential risks are generally minor and short-term. We can give you more specific details, and discuss the procedure more extensively, when you schedule a consultation with our eye doctors in Boca Raton, FL. So, contact us today at Clewner & Kelly Eye Center.

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