Can Poison Ivy Cause Pink Eye in Adults?

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What causes pink eye?

Pink eye is more scientifically known as conjunctivitis, meaning swelling or inflammation of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is an essential eye structure: a thin, transparent membrane that covers the white of your eyes (the sclera) and lines the inner eyelids.

Pink eye is caused by various pathogens or irritants getting into the tissues of the eyes. These agents of discomfort can include allergens, fungi, chemical irritants, and, commonly, an infection caused by bacteria or viruses. It can also be caused by contact lenses, though this is not as common. The resultant inflammatory condition, pink eye, can be spread in numerous ways, including close personal contact.

Therefore, your best bet for maintaining eye health is to observe proper hygiene habits by washing your hands and being cognizant about touching your eyes.

Can poison ivy cause pink eye in adults?

Poison ivy produces inflammation in the eyes, leading to symptoms that may be similar or identical to those of conjunctivitis cases caused by infection. The poison ivy plant secretes a noxious oil, which can easily get on one’s hands. This oil is just as easy to spread around and can end up in the eyes. And since most people are allergic to a resin (urushiol) secreted by the poison ivy plant, it can yield itchy, red, and blistery rashes. Given the allergic potency of the resin, it may not be surprising that 10 – 50 million Americans see their doctors for poison ivy-related rashes every year.

And, if that resin transfers to your eye, try your hardest not to scratch, as this will make the itch worse, spread the oil, and possibly cause ocular damage such as abrasion. Oral antihistamines, along with a cool compress, may help alleviate the effects and let you get some rest.

Additionally, elevating your head while lying down could help reduce swelling. The most efficient thing to do is to see us so we can provide a personalized treatment plan. The best solutions differ by patient, based on personal factors, health, and the specifics of the condition.

Find pink eye relief in Boca Raton, FL

Poison ivy and pink eye both affect millions of Americans each year, and the ocular effects can cause diverse forms of discomfort, including itching, inflammation, and redness. It’s tough to excel at school or work and enjoy your daily life when struggling with the annoyance of pink eye, but our board-certified ophthalmologists are here to help you regain your eye health as soon as possible. And you can find relief by contacting us at Clewner & Kelly Eye Center in Boca Raton, FL.

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